Dutch Development Results

Dutch Development Results Dutch Development Results Dutch Development Results Dutch Development Results

What was achieved by the Dutch development efforts in 2016? An overview of all results can be found on the website created by Zolabo. The annual report is now presented clearly, both on an English and Dutch website. Everyone interested in the development cooperation efforts of the Dutch Government can see what happened on the various policy areas and what was achieved. The publication emphasizes on the facts but also shows important background information on projects.

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ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard

ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard ILO Development Cooperation Dashboard

Already in 2016 Zolabo started working with the ILO (labour organization of the UN) and built a first version of the Development Cooperation Dashboard. The challenge of the ILO is to be a more transparent organization and make a large amount of data accessible to be used both internally and externally. The aim is to be able to tell stories with data in an easy, efficient and attractive way. Zolabo continue working on the dashboard and other interactive tools to achieve this goals.

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GGz Triagewijzer

Concept creation Achmea

The "GGz Triagewijzer" is an app for smartphones and tablets. It helps professionals in mental healthcare to identify what help a patient needs and how urgently. Zolabo made this app for GGz Nederland (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care).

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Concept creation Achmea

Zolabo worked with the Dutch insurance company Achmea on concept designs for a new digital insurance platform in Ireland. Zolabo was asked to explore idea's and user experience designs for a dashboard to help customers find insight in their insurance policy.

The International Labour Organization

Interactive Visualization for the ILO Interactive Visualization for the ILO Interactive Visualization for the ILO Interactive Visualization for the ILO

After the success of the Development Cooperation Dashboard, Zolabo made a similar dashboard for the department that evaluates projects. The technology was completely revised; Zolabo developed a new platform where all elements on the page are completely interactive and react on each other.

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Interactive Visual for online report UNDP

Visualization for online Human Development Report

For use in the online Human Development Report, the United Nations Development Programme wanted to develop a visualization to give their audience a striking picture of the Human Development Index (HDI). Zolabo created a widget with two trees, each representing a region or country. The different elements of the tree (color, size, amount of leaves, etc) show how high a region scores on the different components of the HDI. There is information from 1990 and 2014 available. The user can select something of its own interest and the new trees will sprout: a small, fragile tree with dry leaves for a country that doesn't do so well, or a full grown, fat tree with many dark green leaves for a very developed country.
The widget is published in the online Human Development Report and you can see it under chapter two.

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Ranking Dutch Hospitals

Each year the news magazine Elsevier publishes a ranking of Dutch hospitals, based upon around 1400 indicators. Zolabo created an interactive tool to give medical professionals insight into how the researchers determined the end scores.

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Human Development Tree

Human Development Tree

Using data on Global Human Development from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Zolabo created a striking 3D visualization demonstrating the development of countries over the past 30 years. Users create their own virtual tree showing which countries meet the user’s minimum acceptable standards of living. With this app Zolabo emerged as the proud winner of a visualization competition organized by the UNDP as part of the Cartagena Data Festival.

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Trentino Vacation game

Trentino Vacation game

In order to promote tourism in the Italian region of Trentino, Zolabo developed a game (in collaboration with Rotterdam-based design company Yuna) whereby the user constructs his or her ideal vacation and comes up with a creative name for it. The best entry gets to win the actual trip.

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The world through many cameras

Flickr picture map

Every minute, thousands of pictures are taken all over the planet and uploaded onto the Internet, giving unique snapshots of the world at any moment in time. Zolabo created a real-time visualization using photos from Flickr: the projection of a picture onto a corresponding part of the world map at the moment it is added to the site.

Other projects

Other projects by Zolabo

Zolabo made several products and prototypes for companies like USG People, British Telecom and Albert Heijn. Zolabo worked with a variety of data sources, and made for instance an automated connection with the data from the Dutch statistical office CBS. Zolabo made custom maps, graphs of all sorts, word clouds and more free forms of infographics.